Srinagar Money Heist: Burqa Clad Woman Steals Cash From a Shop In Srinagar

Screen grab of the CCTV footage

Umran Hussain

A Burqa clad woman cleverly stole all the cash from the counter of a readymade shop in Srinagar and fled from the spot.

The incident was caught on a CCTV camera purportedly installed in the shop.

Soon after the incident, the owner of the readymade shop took to Facebook and uploaded the video of the incident while describing the way the burqa clad woman looted the cash from his counter.

The woman while checking out clothes (kids wear), used her left hand to open the counter and professionally grabbed all the cash lying in the counter.

The lady was probably supported in the heist by another burqa clad woman who engaged the owner and the salesman while asking about prices and other features of the garments.

Soon after the successful theft, both the women can be clearly seen fleeing from the spot.

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