Teacher Ruthlessly Beats 12th Class Girl Student In HSS Mirgund

A 12th standard girl student was mercilessly beaten by a physical education teacher in Higher Secondary School Mirgund after she complained of nauseating. The teacher beat the girl so badly that she fell unconcious and had to be hospitalized.

The incident happened on Thursday in the HSS Mirgund.

According to eye witnesses the girl had asked the teacher that she is nauseating and be permitted to sit in open air for a while.

Irritated the teacher beat up the girl to an extent that she was injured and had suffered bruises all over body.

The teacher has been identified as Mohammad Yousuf, lecturer Physical Education.

“The girl fell unconcious and students rushed to help but the teacher stopped them, instead he told them ‘let her die’,” eyewitness told KNB.
According to officials, when hue and cry was raised the vice principal of the school rushed to the class room but the said teacher blocked any efforts to help the injured girl.

It was only after an altercation between principal of the school and the teacher that the principal helped the girl.

“Parents of the girl were called in and she was hospitalised and first aid was provided,” they said.
According to another official the accused teacher has been ‘habitual of rude behavior and roughing up students for no reasons’.

An official confirmed to news agency KNB that the school has made official request to Director School Education to transfer the teacher and hold him responsible.(KNB)

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