This Apple Orchard In Pulwama Is Truly A Sight To Behold

Apple orchards located in Gangoo Pulwama

You will lose yourself in the beauty and cleanliness of this Apple orchard located in Gangoo area of Kashmir’s Pulwama district.

Owned by Ghulam Muhammad Malik, a resident of Gangoo village, this orchard is truly a sight to behold.

The geometry of the rows, the location and the cleanliness within the orchard, all combine to give it a sensuous yet beautiful look.

Commuters coming from Shopian and other adjacent areas of district Pulwama call it an outstanding marvel in horticulture and praise the owner of the orchard while they stop their vehicles to have a glimpse of this beautifully done Apple orchard.

Planted in the year 2005, Malik’s orchard is spread over six kanals of land.
It takes lots of effort and money to maintain an orchard of this level” Malik said.

The orchard has now become the spot of attraction for the people who travel through Pulwama’s famous circular road.

As the seasons change from winter into spring it is important to clean your orchard from remaining mummies, fallen fruits and inspect for pests and predator activity. Besides the inspection of trees, infested fruit that has fallen should be inspected and removed from the orchard.

This is how Apple trees are saved from scabies, rust and other fungal infections. Proper hygiene and cleanliness is the key to stop the fungal infections in the orchards that usually render fruits useless and hence incur a huge financial loss to orchard owners.

With inputs from Mudasir Maqbool.

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