This Emotional Message By Umar Hajam From Pulwama Will Leave You In Tears

Umran Hussain

Rampant Umrah and Hajj Package advertisements on news papers, names of religious institutions depicting the name of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and other such advertisements have always been questioned by various religious scholars and organisations for their placement in news papers which finally find their place in dustbins or are being used by shopkeepers and street vendors as wrappers.

With little or no impact of the public outcry, the businessmen keep on publishing such advertisements on regular basis with no regret at all.

Umar Hassan Hajam, a man from Pulwama’s Murran village won hearts by his emotional video message in which Umar with folded hands requested the general public not to use those news paper cuttings as food wrappers which have The Prophets name imprinted on them.

A five minute long video posted by Umar which is now viral on social media and published by hundreds of Facebook pages and personal Facebook handles left the netizens in tears when Umar Hassan cries inconsolably with a paper cutting with Prophets’ (PBUH) name printed on it and appeals the public to refrain from using such news papers as food wrappers.

“While going home, I found this piece of paper in a dustbin. After I picked it up, I found our Prophets’ (PBUH) name on it and I couldn’t control my tears and I requested the street vendor to handover all the papers to me so that I can check if any other paper has anything like this printed on it.” Says Umar in his video message.

Watched and shared by thousands of social media users, Umar’s message is an eyes opener for all of us, especially those, who publish such names on news papers for their personal gains.

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