This Lady From Pulwama Recites Qur’an Before Her Demise. Netizens Salute Her

Umran Hussain

A pious lady left for the heavenly abode‘ was the caption that overtook internet yesterday evening when Muslims all across the globe were preparing for the celebration of Eid-Ul-Adha.

Hafeeza Bano from Drabgam area of South Kashmir’s Pulwama district too was in preparation of leaving this world for an eternal rest.

What caught the attention of the netizens was her courage which she displayed while struggling to breathe on her death bed. Her spirit, determination and tenacity is worth watching in the video in which she can be heard reciting the verses of The Holy Qur’an; a privilege which only the rarest of rare people get before leaving this world.

Muslims consider a person pious and blessed if he or she gets an opportunity to recite Qalima or some verses of the Holy Qur’an. It is considered as a divine blessing from the Creator at the time of death of a person and It is said that only those who have done good deeds or a simple act of kindness during his or her lifetime get this opportunity.

With thousands of people reacting to her 1:19 minute long video, the video was viewed millions of times across all social media platforms till this report was filed.

“I should thank the person who has mustered strength to shoot this video, because such things act as a reminder for us that only the good deeds we have done in this world are going to help us when we leave this world.” Wrote one Facebook user in the comment section of the video.

“She was such a pious lady, well known in our village for her gentleness and religiosity. May you rest in eternal peace. We will miss you.” Wrote another Facebook user apparently hailing from her village.

“We should congratulate her for achieving such a great feat. I wish I could do the same when I leave this world. This video should act as an eye-opener for all of us. Let’s not go astray. Let’s bow to Him before He calls us back.” Quote tweeted a Twitter user while retweeting the video.

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