To Counter Un-islamic New Year Celebration In Gulmarg, Man Delivers Message of Modesty

Umran Hussain

While the whole world was busy with New Year celebrations, a kashmiri man delivered a message of modesty on the same day in Kashmir’s Gulmarg – a famous tourist resort.

An Islamic Da’ee from Kashmir won hearts of millions of people on social media when his video went viral from Gulmarg where he can be heard delivering a message of peace and modesty.

“We have hundreds of examples as lessons which have taught us not to be disobedient, for disobedience invites the wrath of Allah.” Says the man in the video.

Quoting the examples of previous generations which were decimated just because they didn’t obey the commandments of Allah and went astray, he said that we are duty bound to call our brethren towards the right path.

“What if something bad happens on this land during the so called New Year Celebrations. We should know that alcohol and other things are leading us towards hell.” Said the man while delivering his message on a portable mike.

His efforts to counter the un-islamic ways at a place where people were going to celebrate the onset of the New Year are praised by the netizens with people calling out those who use such occasions to consume alcohol and other substances.

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