We Will Transform Sopore Into A National Model Town, LG Sinha Says

SRINAGAR: Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha, urged the people of Sopore to refrain from offering any form of shelter to militant supporters and to leave the rest to the police and other security forces.

He also emphasised that the administration is fully committed to eradicating the militant ecosystem and dealing sternly with those who have profited from the conflict at the expense of the common people.

Addressing a gathering at Dak Bungalow in Sopore, as per KNO, LG Sinha urged the residents of Sopore and the entire Jammu and Kashmir region not to provide refuge to militancy supporters and militants.

“Simply do this much and leave the rest to the police and security forces. With the full support of the administration, our police and security forces will ensure that terrorism and its ecosystem are eradicated from the soil of Jammu and Kashmir. We will not cease our efforts until the backbone of the terror ecosystem is shattered,” Sinha said.

Sinha also stressed that the administration is determined to take rigorous action against the “Conflict Profiteers” who have utilised militancy as a means to enrich themselves while causing suffering to the common people. LG Sinha questioned, “Who gave Sopore the title of ‘Kandhaar,’ when it was a renowned business hub until the 1970s? Who promoted stone pelting here? Those responsible for this have done a great injustice to the people of Sopore and future generations.”

LG Sinha expressed his gratitude for the significant support from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and assured that the Jammu and Kashmir administration will work tirelessly to revive Sopore’s lost glory. He affirmed, “We are committed to restoring Sopore to its 1970s prominence with great enthusiasm.”

He also noted that despite being home to Asia’s largest fruit market, Sopore had suffered for decades. “We will ensure that Sopore emerges as a model town for the entire country,” LG Sinha said, emphasising the importance of restoring communal harmony in the region.

Regarding the efforts of the Sopore Municipal Committee in maintaining the town’s cleanliness, he added, ” Unless the common man actively participates and plays a role, beautifying the roads with foreign-made marble serves no purpose. We are pursuing development here not for political gain but as our duty.”

In his critique of those who have constructed extravagant houses for themselves while neglecting the common people, LG Sinha condemned the promotion of a VIP culture in the region. He asserted, “To us, every single resident of any district in Jammu and Kashmir is a VIP. There is no discrimination.” (KNO)

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