Wife Of Crorepati Runs Away With Autorickshaw Driver After Stealing Rs 47 Lakh From Husband

The wife of a crorepati businessman ran away with an autorickshaw driver who is reportedly 13 years younger than her.

According to a report, the incident took place in the Khajrana area of Indore on October 13 and came to light after the husband filed a complaint with the police about his wife’s disappearance. In his complaint, he added that his wife ran away after taking Rs 47 lakh from home.

Reports add that the autorickshaw driver used to often drop the woman at her house where she lived with her husband. The husband realised something is wrong on October 13 when his wife did not return home at night. He eventually also realised that Rs 47 lakh cash was missing from his house. Apparently, he had kept the money in the cupboard.

Presently, the police are investigating the matter and are on the lookout for the wife and the autorickshaw driver. According to the investigation, the autorickshaw driver’s name is Imran, and he is 32 years old. He has been traced to four cities – Khandwa, Javra, Ujjain, and Ratlam.

The police have raided all the aforementioned locations to find the driver and the accused woman.

Further investigation led the cops to another man’s house where they retrieved Rs 33 lakh. This man is reportedly Imran’s friend.

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