Young Kashmiri girl handwrites Holy Quran in four months after memorising it

Salima, a little girl from Kashmir, wrote the Holy Quran in such beautiful handwriting that it looks like it was written by a computer.

Salima, a little girl from the Ganderbal district of central Kashmir, impressed everyone after she handwrote the Holy Quran in four months. She made the people of her district proud as she wrote the Holy Quran in such beautiful handwriting that it looks like it was written by a computer.

The little girl first memorised the Quran and then started writing it daily. It took her four months and she completed it.

Salima says that her grandparents were keen that all the boys and girls in the family should study the Holy Quran and learn to read and write it in a better way. “Due to the religious environment at home, I developed a special relationship with the Holy Quran and also developed a passion for writing the Quran. I started writing the Holy Quran on November 5, 2022, and today I have done a good work by completing it. Done,” she said.

She added that she is graduating and used to write the Holy Quran every morning and evening after finishing work. During this time, her parents and all family members have been very supportive.

“Whatever I needed while writing the Holy Quran, all the necessary things were provided. I was first taught to read the Holy Quran by many Maulvi Sahibs of the area and provided all kinds of knowledge about the Holy Quran.,” she said

Salima says, “first I memorised the Quran and then after that I started writing the Quran by hand and finally I was able to complete this work in a short period of about four months.” She said “I am feeling very happy”.

“We are proud that such a virtuous daughter was born in our area and by doing a great work, she has made the name of the area as well as our Gujjar class bright, for which we are proud. We feel and we hope that the government will encourage such girls,” locals say.

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