Don’t Bargain, Be A Helping Hand Instead: A Message By Soliha

I’ve never done groceries but today I saw some souls selling and earning peanuts in this weather. Most of the men were above 50 and that’s what made my heart melt.

Each one of us is well aware of the weather conditions in Kashmir from now till next four months. While some of us warm ourselves in “hamaam’s” and with “kangris” in our homes or offices, there are some other people who come out despite these harsh conditions and earn their livelihood. Let’s try not to bargain these days and help these brave hearts too.

I understand the fact that every one who works, irrespective of the nature of their job, goes through the same stress and fatigue. No work is easy. No work is less, but at the same time we can’t neglect the luxuries in some posts. My point here is not to demote any post. I only, by heart want to bring the hardships of people working on the footpaths, in “mandis“, covered with a polythene sheet forming a temporary shelter.

While some of us enjoy a good tea with oat biscuits to check our health and diabetes, these vendors try to warm themselves with “chotu ki chai” irrespective of how much sugar and what kind of milk is used.

Knowing the sugar will harm them, some diabetic vendors think to be diabetic than to be hungry.

Soliha Shabir is the youngest and first author from Jammu and Kashmir to add her name in “India World Records.” She is popular for recreating Habba Khatoon’s poetry.

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