TADMEER: A Must Watch Short Film About The Harsh Reality of Drug Abuse In Kashmir

Umran Hussain

Tadmeer: Which translates to “Destruction” in Arabic is a short film produced and directed by a team of young enthusiasts from South Kashmir’s Pulwama district.

About the Film:

The film is centered on a youth who lives a lavish life but somehow falls prey to the menace of drug addiction.

He starts sniffing and injecting drugs on regular basis and one day he finds no quantity at his home.

He searches every corner of his house in desperation but finds none.

“I need just two shots,” he screams and in this extreme state of desperation, while talking to a drug supplier. The supplier on the other side of the phone agrees to provide him some quantity provided he kills for him, a man whose identity the supplier doesn’t provide.

The main character then follows a person who is walking on a road and hammers him from behind.

The victim turns out to be the brother of the main character.

The feeling of guilt haunts him and he looses all the control over his brain and finally ends his life.

About the Team:

Producer – Shoaib Gani, a microbiologist by profession, is a passionate filmmaker who in addition to Tadmeer, has produced several other short films about the culture and heritage of Kashmir.

“I always wanted to convey an effective message to the masses through my work and finally, I could do it through Tadmeer.” Said Shoaib Gani, Producer of the short film.

About Associate Producer:

Rouf Raaif, a well known vlogger known for his summit to the famous Vasturwan – Highest mountain peak of Pulwama and vlogging his journey is a prolific videographer whose first documentary, Gulzaar received accolades on international forum.

“We have been working on Tadmeer, since a very long time and what finally satisfied me as an associate producer of the film is the way it passed on the message we actually wanted to.” Said Rouf Raaif.

About The Actor: 

Asif Abdullah, a B.Tech student who plays the main role of a drug addict in the film is known for his acting skills and Tadmeer is probably the first short film in which he has effectively showcased his “Method Acting” which received praise from the viewers.

Asif’s intense and serious acting is what made Tadmeer a hit on the social media.

“I am in love with acting since my childhood, I have acted in several plays back in my school and I always wanted to prove myself on a platform where my acting gets recognised. Not that much, but I feel, to my satisfaction I could do it in Tadmeer.” Said Asif.

About The Supporting Actor: 

Bobby Malik, who according to his friends always finds himself in one role or the other in his real life as well. His role as the brother of the drug addict in the movie is truly a treat to watch. His resilience at such an intense situation in the short film received all praise from the audience too.

The Studio:

Kamran Graphics Studio –  A studio located in Pulwama is the place where the film was edited and the monologue was recorded. Kamran Khursheed, who is also the technical assistant in the movie provide all possible support to the crew while shooting the movie and during post production.

The Short film is available on the official Facebook page and YouTube channel of The Kashmir Radar. 


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