Saim Bhat’s “Hami Ast” Tunes The Life Of Lifeless People In Kashmir

Umran Hussain

A man who believes in peace, a man who is an ambassador of communal harmony, a man embedded in the mysteries of Sufism.

Saim Bhat – A playback singer and composer, popular for his Songs like Sufi Tere Pyaar main, Aye Khuda, Phir Mohabbat, Ik pal Yahi, Awara Awara, and many more Bollywood hits.

Saim Bhat’s unique way of expression took me to another unexplored dimension of conducting interviews as a journalist. I found myself lost in the wilderness while talking to Saim, as I expected the usual answers from an artist about his life and the profession.

Saim in the begining of our conversation talked about his stage shows and specifically the one conducted in 1999 in Kashmir. “Hundreds of guests arrived to witness my show and to my suprise I spotted a well reared, nearly decorated dog with two bodyguards accompanying it. After enquiring about the “unpleasant suprise” I was given to understand that Omar Abdullah had sent his dog to witness the show.” Said Saim Bhat.

Saim in the same breath tried to explain the unexplained mystery of sending a dog to witness the show, but I as an interviewer couldn’t understand the riddle Saim was trying to spell out.

Saim talked about peace and mentioned the word in every sentence he crafted. His definition of peace took me to suprise when he defined the word as an “organised behaviour.” As per Saim, the onus of maintaining peace lies on the shoulders of the inhabitants of this beautiful valley. “The people of the valley are an epitome of unity and we need  to rejuvenate our relation with our own existence.” Said Saim.

Saim is a philanthropist from Downtown Srinagar with an immense love for villages. Tired of chaos all around he wants an end to the sufferings and wants our leaders to shun the double standards and wants them to be what they are. “Masquerading as a saint. You cannot play with my emotions for long. Even if you do, God will expose your nefarious designs. Be what you are.” Said Saim while lashing out at the leaders who play double standards.

Co-produced by Remo D’Souza, Saim Bhat’s latest song “Hami Ast” hit the stands last week and customarily Saim’s booming voice and bags of character in his tone didn’t fail to amaze his fans.

The song circumscribes sufferings of the inhabitants of the heaven – Kashmir, and calls out all the leaders while questioning their silence. “Khamosh Hai Kiun Hukmaraan” the line which is quite cavernous and unfathomable cannot be explained simply by translating the words it contain. This line is a history in itself.

Zareef Ahmad Zareef, a famous kashmiri award winning poet can also be seen narrating some intense poetry in the middle of the song.

Zareef Ahmad Zareef is best known for his satirical poetry and efforts to highlight various social and political problems. He has been working for the preservation of the environment, culture and heritage of Kashmir.

The title of the song “Hami Ast” is taken from the Persian Couplet “Agar firduas bar roo-e zameen ast, hami ast-o, hami ast-o, hami ast” penned by a Sufi poet named ‘Amir Khusro’. Saim’s song describes the other dimension of this couplet which nobody talks about -“Pain and Suffering.”

The Executive Producer of the song Masoom Gandhi is an assistant director and actor, known for Mithya (2008), Dasvidaniya (2008) and Raat Gayi, Baat Gayi. While Talking to Rouf Raaif, communication analyst; The Kashmir Radar, Masoom expressed gratitude and joy for working with artists in Kashmir. “I would love to work for more projects in Kashmir, I find peace while working in the valley.” Said Masoom Gandhi.

The responsibility of translating the painful script into visual language was shouldered by Imad, popularity known as “imad Clicks,” Jammu and Kashmir’s first and famous Vlogger. The cinematographic techniques employed by Imad are worth watching, the more the song progresses, the more intense cinematography skills come to the forefront. You will be blown away by the imaginative depth of the shots.

The song has been recorded at Sufi Studio with mixing and mastering by Gabriel Das.

Other artist who worked to make the song a success are:
Aman and Bhaskar Saikia – Guitars.
Salmon De – Bass Guitar.
Bharat Biswas – Recording Engineer.
Purusharth Jain – Piano.
Mir Tafazzul, Bashir Lone, Inam Khan, Master Aneek – Cast.
Saim Bhat, Furqan Baab, Junaid Mir, Danish Illahi Bhat – Band Members.
Director – Junaid Hanief.
Associate Director – Mir Tafazul.
Director Of Photography – Imad Clicks.
Cinematographer’s – Imad Clicks and Qaarif Andrabi.
Creative Director – Sufiyan Rouf.
Gaffer – Harris Bhat.
Lights – Ashiq, Rouf and Showkat.
Prop Designer – Fahad Firdous.

Umran Hussain is a blogger and works an online editor for The Kashmir Radar. He can mailed at:

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