Born In Varanasi, Married In Kashmir; Huma Tanweer Wins Asia’s 100 Influential Women Award

Umran Hussain

Born in Varanasi married in Kashmir, Huma Tanveer added yet another feather to her cap after getting listed in Asia’s Top 100 Influential Woman Award 2021.

AIWA nominations which started in September, got more than 300 nominations throughout Asia.

From the 300+ nominations , the Selection Committee selected Top 100 most Influential Personalities from the different professions and communities.

All 100 names were announced in a Virtual Ceremony in the presence of Chief Guest Hiranshi Shah ( Associate Member of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators , United Kingdom).

Who Is Huma Tanweer?

It’s probably easiest to introduce Huma Tanweer as an International author, but one look at her vast repertoire of writing reveals that she is in fact, much more than that.

Nominated for multiple awards, she is one of the defining faces of international writing industry today and is also a poet, a motivational speaker, a blogger and an extremely witty columnist. She debuted as an author at nineteen with “The Social and Controversial Issues”, a critically acclaimed book.

She has received honours for her writings from dignitaries and higher officials. While her much-lauded ‘How to Become Rich’ is what she’s is best known for.

Huma has continued to surprise and delight readers with her writing for over a decade now, all the while rendering restrictive labels like that of a feminist writer redundant.

Intelligent and blunt and at the same time, emotional and pragmatic, she comes across less as a feminist and more as a well-rounded, progressive woman who knows where her priorities lie.

Her articles and interviews have appeared in Hindustan times, Dainik Bhaskar, Amar Ujala, India Saga, Daily Hunt, Zee News, India TV, The Street, Vents Magazine, India Today, The Hindu, The Indian Express and Times of India’s city supplements, among others.

She holds post-graduate degree in travel and tourism administration from Banaras Hindu University.
Huma Tanweer has been a darling for numerous Indian and international readers. This is not just because of the relatable characters that she weaves from everyday life, but also because of their sheer cheekiness that she’s able to suffuse in her prose.

This time around, the author is going to enter uncharted waters with a whodunit murder mystery. The transformation is a conscious one. “As I grow older, I feel driven to dig a little deeper into the darker, more secretive places inside the heads of colourful characters,” says the author.

29-year-old Huma Tanweer has written seven bestsellers in six years. “How To Become Rich”, “Art of Loving” and “Body Language- A microcosm of our self and soul” are a few of her well known works.

The author has recently come up with her new novel “He Loved me Enough to let me go”, which narrates the story of “Ayaan” based in Kashmir, who is trying to overcome his painful past.

She spent a few years working in an IT firm in the national capital region. Huma, who currently lives in New Delhi and dabbles as a Digital Marketing Manager.

When Huma Tanweer was just 19, her first book, “The Social and Controversial Issues” was published. And, then, within just a few years, there were a flurry of best sellers like How to Become Rich, Women Entrepreneurship, Art of Loving, Body Language- A microcosm of our self and soul, He loved me enough to let me go.

It has often been written that Huma writes at a supersonic speed. That her first book, The Social and Controversial Issues took 14 days and How to Become Rich was done in 30 days! She further explains, “I let the story form and re-form and percolate in the back of my head for months before I sit down to write it. So when I finally sit down to write, the story is in the final stage and it just flows. Those couple of weeks when I am writing the book, I do nothing else—I sit down to write at 11 PM and keep writing till 6 AM, sleep for a few hours, think of the next few chapters and sit down again in the evening. That’s my process.”

“Sometimes when I look back and see how far I have come; yes, it is a little surreal,” Said Huma Tanveer in an exclusive interview with The Kashmir Radar on June 3, 2021.

When I have something on my mind, I just need to get it out,” she tells us. Not surprisingly, “write a book” was on her bucket list as a teenager too. But then, she further adds that she had never planned on becoming a professional writer. “It started as a hobby and has slowly developed from passion to obsession,” she says.

As an author, Huma’s most favourite genre is romantic fiction. She asserts, “Good love stories are just so rare these days, you only find them in fiction!” She thoroughly enjoys reading books by Cecilia Ahern, another young successful and a best-selling author, pretty much like her. Her other favourites are Jeffery Archer and John Grisham. “John Green’s work inspires me. The kind of connect he makes with his readers is very admirable,” she adds.

Huma Tanveer who occasionally writes editorials for The Kashmir Radar expressed overwhelming joy over achieving this feat.

“I cannot express my happiness in words, featuring among the powerful women of Asia is something that needs no explanation. I express my sincere thanks to my family and heartfelt gratitude to all those friends who supported me and encouraged me in my toughest times.” Said Huma Tanveer.

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