Former Bollywood Actress Sana Khan Named Her Son ‘Tariq Jameel’

Former Indian actress Sana Khan, who retired from showbiz in October 2020 and married businessman Maulana Anas Saiyad, has welcomed their first child. The couple announced the birth of their baby boy, whom they named Saiyad Tariq Jamil, on July 5 in Surat. Sana explained that they chose a name that symbolizes piousness, gentleness, care, and honesty, with Jamil meaning beauty and Tariq meaning pleasant.

Sana expressed her joy and the indescribable feeling of becoming a mother, describing it as one of the best feelings in the world. She also discussed the overwhelming sense of responsibility that comes with parenthood, acknowledging the changes and challenges that accompany it. Sana mentioned that her mother-in-law is currently assisting her with diaper changes as she navigates the initial stages of motherhood.

Sana further shared how her husband Anas has transformed since the arrival of their baby, expressing surprise at his emotional connection and tears of joy.

She humorously mentioned that she was typically the emotional one in their relationship, but now Anas’s emotions overflow when he looks at their child. The couple is cherishing this new chapter in their lives with their little partner-in-crime.

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