Kumbh Mela – “Water from ganga creates antibodies” says Shailesh Tiwari

Amid rising COVID-19 cases in India, authorities were questioned about allowing huge gatherings to take place in Kumbh Mela that saw hundreds and thousands of people taking the holy dip in the river ganga.

The Kumbh Mela is a Hindu pilgrimage held every 12 years at sacred tirthas, or river-ford sites, along the Ganges River in India.

Defending the huge gatherings in the mela, Acharya Shailesh Tiwari a renowned Hindu religious scholar and astrologer in a live television debate said that, “Water from sites ganga creates antibodies and antiviruses”.

Busting his false claim Dr. Anand Ranganathan lashed out at Tiwari and requested him not to spread such fake and baseless theories about the prevention from the virus.

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