Man Uses Wig to Cheat in Exam, Netizens Give Full Marks for Creativity

An aspirant was caught cheating by authorities during the Uttar Pradesh sub-inspector examination. In what he thought would be a clever attempt, the candidate hid a hi-tech bluetooth wireless inside a wig. The aspiring sub-inspector’s innovative idea to cheat, however, was foiled, though it left everyone in disbelief.

The security personnel caught the youth who unveiled his entire setup. The student secured two tiny earpieces in a wig to hide wires while appearing for the police exam. His tactics, though elaborate, were not smart enough to evade state police officials who seem to be well versed with such cheating methods.

According to a video shared by IPS officer Rupin Sharma on his Twitter handle, the policemen, on duty, discovered a wig tucked in the candidate’s head with fitting earphones for its auditory sense. The video shows how difficult the task of extracting the earpiece was. The candidate, who was clearly crafty in his ways to subvert the system, had embedded the high-tech device deep inside his ears.

Metal detectors helped in catching hold of the person. It would be difficult to catch him had he escaped the detection process. The police smelt something fishy when the detector started going off near the man’s head. He admitted that the gadget, connected to a chip, was in both his ears and they were so miniscule that the police had a hard time taking them out.

IPS Rupin Sharma wrote on Twitter, “Uttar Pradesh mein Sub-Inspector ke exam mein cheating ke shaandar jugaad (Amazing hacks of cheating seen during sub-inspector exam in Uttar Pradesh).”

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