Revenge: Monkeys kill 250 puppies after dogs killed a baby monkey

A group of enraged monkey reportedly killed around 250 dogs in a month, in a supposedly ‘revenge’ behavior after a puppy killed a baby monkey.

The incident occurred in two villages of Maharashtra named Lavul and Mahalgaon where, the monkeys killed dogs by dragging them to top of buildings and trees and dropping them to death.

Panic-striken residents of the villagers have also come under attack. They contacted the forest department about the incident and requested them to catch the monkeys in the area.

Reportedly, the officials came one day later but returned after they failed to catch even one monkey.

The locals said that there are hardly any dogs left in the village but the monkeys have not stopped. The primates have started targeting school-going children, according to reports.

After the monkeys began snatching up school-aged children as well, the residents notified Dharur’s Forest Department. The monkeys went on a dog-killing frenzy when a few dogs allegedly murdered an infant monkey, according to reports from Majalgaon.

According to research, monkeys have murdered approximately 250 pups by throwing them from large heights in the last month. According to reports, there isn’t a single puppy left in Lavool village, which is located about 10 kilometres from Majalgaon in the Beed region and has a population of about 5,000 people.

Locals claim that anytime monkeys in the area see a pup, they seize it, transport it to a high altitude, and then dump it down. Locals have also contacted forest department authorities, begging them to capture monkeys in the region. Officials then visited the village, but they were unable to capture even a single monkey.

Residents stepped up to protect pups after forest service workers failed to apprehend the rogue monkeys.

Many people were hurt in the process as the monkeys attacked them in revenge. People in the Kothar hamlet in Chhattisgarh hired a private shooter to kill a group of monkeys because they were angered by the monkey infestation, which had caused massive crop loss. Forest officials were notified of the event and went to the scene to examine the reason for the murders, according to ANI.

The forest department dispatched forest rangers to the region, and a team was formed to investigate the situation further and protect other animals in the forest areas surrounding Kothar village.

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