‘Undergoing depression, may commit suicide’: Jitendra Tyagi says did not receive ‘love’ after conversion to Hinduism

Jitendra Tyagi formerly known as Wasim Rizvi has issued a new video on social media where he has stated that he is undergoing severe depression.

“I have not got any love and respect in Hinduism as an old relative gets on his return to home,” he said in the 12-minute video. However, in the video, he is seen advocating his decision to convert to Hinduism.

“Nothing is fine in my life. I did not get any love and regard from Hindus for converting to Hinduism, in fact, I am undergoing severe depression and I might commit suicide,” he is heard saying in his fresh video.

Justifying his decision to convert to Hinduism, Jitendra Tyagi further said, “1400 years ago I don’t know after how many races we returned to our home and after returning home, we accepted Sanatan Dharma.

I have huge regards for Mahadev, Lord Shri Ram, Gods and Goddesses, Lord Shri Krishna, and especially Hindu culture.”


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