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Know The Truth Behind This Daring U-turn On A Cliff Edge

A video going extensively viral online shows a driver executing the perfect U-turn on a narrow mountain road. The video…

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Fake Alert: The Man In The Video You Just Watched Is Not Dr. Sushil Razdan

Umran Hussain A video is being circulated on various social media platforms which shows a man advising people to use…

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Image From 2020 Being Circulated As Fresh Snowfall In Kulgam and Zojila

Umran Hussain A picture taken in the year 2020 which after reverse image search was found to have appeared on…

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No, this man did not die of heart attack after Pakistan lost the semifinal

Umran Hussain A News about the death of one Reyaz Ahmad Wani due to heart attack after Pakistan lost their…

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Fact Check: Funny Tiktok Video Shared As “Video From Afghanistan”

The Kashmir Radar, (RBT): Video of a man flying on the engine of an aeroplane is making rounds on social…

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Fact Check: Video Of A Cow Showing Way To Chrar-e-Sharif Is Fake

Screen Grab of the video Umran Hussain The Kashmir Radar, (RBT): Video of a cow showing way to go to…

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