The Unfiltered Danger of Facebook “Journalists” In Kashmir

In the fertile grounds of social media, where likes are currency and outrage is fertilizer, a twisted form of “journalism”…

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The Hijab Is Much More Than Just A Muslim Identity

The controversy surrounding the Hijab, a religious head covering supposedly only worn by Muslim women, has been a contentious issue…

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Was The Traumatised Mother of Kupwara Girl Unethically Grilled By Facebook Journalists?

the mother of the victim was called for questioning, surprisingly not by the police, but by the Facebook journalists, who…

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Appointment of Superannuated Professors (at IUST, KU): A setback for the unemployed youth

Education sector of the nation has shown an enthralling output over the recent years with an unprecedented spawning of young…

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Has This Kashmiri-Indonesian Love Story Morally Injured The Spiritual Fabric of Kashmir?

Umran Hussain The anonymous intellectual netizenry of Kashmir is struggling in keeping their moral attitude up, while using various social…

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Two More Weeks of Lockdown Could Have Landed Us On Much Safer Side

Illustration by The Kashmir Radar The goverment of Jammu and Kashmir yesterday announced the unlock process amid the ravaging pandemic,…

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