In Order To Avoid Further Paper Leakage, JKSSB To Procure 200 Metric Tons Of M-Seal

Umran Hussain In a significant decision, the Jammu and Kashmir SSB has decided to procure more than 200 metric tons…

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Kalaroos Caves In Kashmir Invite A Meme Fest Amid Ongoing Russia-Ukraine War

Umran Hussain Though it is not a proper time to make fun, but the meme makers in Kashmir found an…

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After Massive ‘Power’ Disruption, January To Be Renamed As July In Kashmir: Sources

Taking a serious note of bone chilling cold and “power-less” nights, authorities have decided to rename the month of January…

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Family members working in apex institutions of Kashmir protest against nepotism

Representational Picture In an unusual protest that saw hundreds of employees all relatives to each other protesting against the growing…

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Govt. to set up “Shabir Khanbali” rehabilitation centre for rumor mongers

Banner by “The Kashmir Radar” Umran Hussain In a landmark development, the Jammu and Kashmir goverment on Friday took a…

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From “Yogi Anantnag” to “Mamta Benazir” Muhammad Shafi Continues To Entertain Netizens In Kashmir

High pitched voice, impossible to decipher and with no set agenda in his speeches, PeerZada Muhammad Shafi, a household name…

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