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Pakistan’s youngest YouTuber Mohammad Shiraz shared his “last vlog” and explained the reason behind it.

Pakistan’s youngest YouTuber, Mohammad Shiraz, recently shared an emotional farewell with his fans and followers on social media by posting…

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Strategies To Keep Your Kids Away From Cringe Content On Social Media

Keeping your kids safe from cringe content on social media can be a challenge, but there are strategies you can…

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The Tale Of A Sick Society’s Children: Instead Of Mass Reporting, This Private Video Was Massively Shared By Social Media Users

Umran Hussain Social media is taking a toll on the young by snatching their morals, ethics and more importantly, the…

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How to Spot the Difference Between An Official and Paid Blue Check on Twitter

A few months back, Twitter launched Twitter Blue for its iPhone app – and everyone was confused. For $7.99 a…

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“Signature Hai Ya Porcupine” A Medico’s Signature Is The New Meme In The Town 

Umran Hussain: Everything unusual catches the attention of internet users and then starts the buzz and sometimes trolling to roast…

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