Appointment of Superannuated Professors (at IUST, KU): A setback for the unemployed youth

Education sector of the nation has shown an enthralling output over the recent years with an unprecedented spawning of young and talented educated youth, researchers and scholars in varied fields or subjects.

However, this has concomitantly led to an alarming rise of unemployment (of the educated youth) compelling the authorities to look out for viable options of engaging the highly educated youth to contribute to the development of the nation in diverse fields.

The educated youth is considered as an invaluable asset of a nation and thus, government needs to frame policies that may suitably channelize the energy and skills of the youth for the development of the nation. Every positive and feasible directive from the government related to the engagement of the young, talented and educated youth is highly appreciable and welcomed from all the corners of the nation.

Unfortunately, in a recent bid at some universities like KU, IUST and others, the inauspicious process of engaging superannuated professors has been approved and a number of positions have been upheld by many such professors inflicting a serious blow on the aspirations and ambitions of dozens of unemployed researchers/scholars. Such a step has added to the gravity of the unemployed issues in the nation and has seriously affected the young aspirants with depression and loss of confidence in the system.

Despite having the option of engaging dozens of highly qualified aspirants (PHDs/PDFs) in different fields of knowledge/learning, the engagement of superannuated professors (who have already been released by the government from the service) seems to be unfavourable and disparaging for the young aspirants who could contribute to the respective departments with much energy and vigour.

In his recent tweet on inviting young and budding researchers/scholars to the University, the honourable VC at IUST, Prof Shakeel Romshu (known for his scholar and merit friendly disposition ) had sparked a ray of hope among the talented and highly qualified youth of the valley. His concerns for “brain-drain” from the country and engagement of the meritorious and deserving researchers/scholars in the University was warmly welcomed and highly appreciated especially the unemployed yet highly qualified youth of the valley. However, recent circulation of the notifications from various departments in the university (IUST) as well as from KU inviting Superannuated (Retired) Professors for engagement in the university has spurred a serious psychological trauma among the dozens of PhD/PDF holders who were anxious to display their merit and skills in the universities and contribute enthusiastically to the diverse domains of the highest learning seats of the country, i.e., these universities.

We the young and highly qualified aspirants earnestly request the honourable vice-chancellors at IUST, KU and other universities to kindly reconsider the decision of engaging the superannuated professors in various departments of the varsities. Also, it is humbly requested that the young and deserving meritorious candidates should be provided with an opportunity to serve the different departments/faculties of the universities.

This may help in generating a higher level of confidence in the system among the youth, placate the distressed unemployed scholars to a greater extent and also add vigour and vitality to the respective departments of the universities.

(The article has been collectively drafted by a bunch of young scholars belonging to different streams/subjects).

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