Has This Kashmiri-Indonesian Love Story Morally Injured The Spiritual Fabric of Kashmir?

Umran Hussain

The anonymous intellectual netizenry of Kashmir is struggling in keeping their moral attitude up, while using various social media platforms which in other other parts of the world are used as a utilitarian tool to disseminate useful information among the masses.

Hundreds of youtubers, Facebook page operators in Kashmir have literally made mockery of such platforms by sharing their so called Vlogs right from their washrooms and so called roasting each other – a contagious disease which has already engulfed more than 80% internet users in Kashmir.

Nobody is against the entertainment, and no one should have any objection against the genuine content being uploaded on social media, but keeping into consideration the ethics, morals and consequences while uploading the content should be the top priority once you are operating from a place known for its spirituality and cultural integrity.

One recent incident caught every ones attention when a young boy from South Kashmir’s Pulwama district shared his travel video, wherein he claimed to have traveled an unimaginable distance to Indonesia just to meet the love of his life – A girl from Indonesia.

Prima facie it appeared that the boy may have accidently or inadvertently shared his personal things on social media, but later this boy made it quite clear that it was a deliberate attempt on his part to share what he was going to do.

Just after two days, this boy shared another video with the girl from Indonesia where he allegedly was received by her.

The very next day, he again shared a video from a hotel room waiting for the girl whom he later handed over a gift containing a Pheran and a Kashmiri Shawl.

“This man is openly spreading immorality and the irony is that even our journalists are promoting him for a few views and likes. His actions and behaviour may have very serious consequences on our younger generation. Wake up folks, wake up.” Wrote Rouf Raaif, a social media user.

Sharing ones personal life on social media or something which is considered immoral in our society never goes down well in this part of the world, as we belong to a place which is spiritually and morally much ahead of the rest of the world. ‘Pir Waer‘ as we rightly call it for being a home to worlds most revered saints and Sufis.

“We made hero out of a man who without any hesitation shared and promoted ‘adultery’ on social media, thousands of people shared his videos, thousands of memes were crafted and journalists discussed him. What can be more alarming than this. We as a unique society failed our younger generation.” Wrote another social media user while expressing shock over the incident.

Sharing and promoting such content on social media from a place decorated with the footprints of Nund Resh, Shah-i-Hamadan and other admired and revered Sufi Saints is nothing but a moral injury which without any second thought needs proper care so that it heals before it develops itself into a cancer.

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