Two More Weeks of Lockdown Could Have Landed Us On Much Safer Side

Illustration by The Kashmir Radar

The goverment of Jammu and Kashmir yesterday announced the unlock process amid the ravaging pandemic, which ofcourse is in the interest of economy of the Union territory, our traders, shopkeepers and those who suffered a great deal during the pandemic, but so far as mitigation of COVID cases is concerned, we were yet to reach the milestone.

There is no doubt in the fact that our daily wagers suffered the most but life is above everything else.

Let’s have a look at the statistics of COVID positive cases since the onset of the second wave of the pandemic and how lockdown managed to keep a check on the graph from touching the skies.

On an average we had around 5000 positive cases and because of government’s efforts, we never saw a huge spike of cases which could have turned disastrous.

5000 positive cases on an average means more 2000 primary contacts, if not more. Let’s put it on the lowest line.
It needs no rocket science to understand the graph that is going up with each passing day, if not up, let’s put it on a static mode for quite some time.

Now to mitigate the numbers, we again needed time, because in the second wave of the pandemic, it took more than a month for the patient to recover and hence much time is needed.

Reuters has reported on international studies that have determined that lockdowns potentially have saved millions of lives here.

However, it is also true that some lockdown measures may have a direct impact on a person’s income and mental health.
The World Health Organization (WHO) earlier explained that such measures can have “a profound negative impact on individuals, communities and societies by bringing social and economic life to a near stop”, something that according to the organization, disproportionately affect vulnerable groups.

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