Was The Traumatised Mother of Kupwara Girl Unethically Grilled By Facebook Journalists?

Umran Hussain

When it comes to covering a sensitive issue, who else knows the tricks of creating mess, than a self styled Facebook journalist from Kashmir.

Our selected Facebook journos are well versed with peddling fake news, creating false narratives, crafting clickbait captions and covering unnecessary news and then within a day or two deleting the stuff when netizens start calling them out for being too foolish.

A spine chilling alleged murder of a 9 year old girl from Kupwara district of Jammu and Kashmir sent shock waves across the nation and left people questioning the continuous suicides, crimes and murders engulfing the lives of our younger generation.

As expected, the small hut type house of the victim saw a beeline of Facebook journalists early in the morning with colorful mikes and some were even wearing bullet proof jackets and helmets for reasons only known to them.

The next moment, the mother of the victim was called for questioning, surprisingly not by the police, but by the Facebook journalists, who started questioning her ruthlessly, as if they were ordered by the authorities to solve the mysterious murder case within a couple of hours.

While our team was filing this report, a brand new video surfaced on social media, showcasing a journalist trying to get to the roots of the case in Sherlock Holmes style and to our suprise, the mother of the victim had to answer 37 questions within just three minutes. “He should join the US Secret Service”, sighed one of our team member.

To solve a blind murder case requires expertise, and who else than our police department knows it better? They have the men and material, the expertise and the ethics to handle such sensitive cases and moreover, they are the only ones who are authorised to do so.

When 13 year old Aarushi Talwar was found dead with her throat slit in her bedroom in Noida,on May 16, 2008, authorities immediately turned to her parents for answers. And because suicide by throat-cutting is rare, police were certain they were dealing with a homicide.

But the ensuing investigation turned out to be anything but simple. In fact, it took so many sharp turns over such a long period of time that it became a sensational whodunnit of nearly unparalleled proportions.

In a nutshell, none other than police and other investigating agencies should be allowed to visit such crime scenes, in order to prevent the accused from tampering with the evidence or giving him time to learn what to avoid and what not to.

The duty of a journalist is to cover the happenings without being judgmental and without meddling into the investigation part of it. In hundreds of such cases, the police had to face hurdles during investigations, just because of the mischief committed by such journalists while covering the news.

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