Harrassed by Fake “Peer Baba”, 30 year old man commits suicide in Budgam

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Umran Hussain

In a bizarre incident, a 30 year old man from central Kashmir’s Budgam district set himself ablaze after he was repeatedly being asked to pay money in lieu of so called “treatment” for his throat.

The incident took place after the now deceased man paid money in lakhs to the faith healer for continuous two years and according to his family the faith healer had asked him to pay more 3,0000 rupees along with three quintals of rice and a sacrificial animal.

“I sold my property, a piece of land that my father had gifted me, just to save the life of my son, he had some issues with swallowing food and we were referred to this “Peer” by a friend of ours. We trusted him, paid whatever he asked for, but my son showed no signs of healing.” Said mother of the thirty year old man in an interview with an online news portal, The Kashmir Crown.

“My brother stopped visiting this fake faith healer for a while, only after he realized that the disease is not healing. Then my brother started complaining of nightmares. He told me that the “peer” doesn’t allow him to do anything, he complaining of having visions of the Peer who would beat him even in his dreams.” Said sister of the now deceased 30 year old man.

The faith healer too resides in the same district and as per the statement of other family members of the deceased man, they were supposed to offer sacrifices, in the form of animals and the faith healer would demand huge quantities of rice and other items that he would offer to the spirits and request the spirits to heal his client.

According to the statement of relatives and locals, the man prefered isolation from a couple of months and stopped interacting with friends and neighbours.

“On the fateful day, he didn’t come out of his room, he knew that he wont be able to arrange the money he had to offer to the faith healer, that is the only reason he took his life.” Said sister of the deceased youth.

It is pertinent to mention that before commiting suicide, he had recorded a video message blaming the faith healer of ruining his life.

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