How To Report YouTube Channel “If vs But” That Spews Venom against Islam

A YouTube channel If vs But with 1.41 Million subscribers is being circulated across social media networks and people are asked to report the channel as inappropriate and hurtful.

What does the channel propagate? 

The YouTube channel If vs But with a huge subscriber base has posted more than 160 videos so far and most of the videos promote the content that is absolutely inappropriate and hurtful towards only a particular religion that is Islam.

The videos uploaded on the said channel are professionally knit with proper visuals, texts and narrations that shamelessly try to downgrade Islam and speak against the basic principles and tenets of Islam.

Most of the videos target the holy Mecca and Last messenger of Islam.

In one of the recently uploaded video, the narrator can be heard talking about “Shiva,a Hindu god who is caged in Holy Kaba.”

With obvious reasons the content of the channel doesn’t go well with the Muslim community and the people all across the globe especially Muslims are on their toes to pull the channel down from the YouTube.

Why is YouTube allowing such content to flourish? 

A very important question that comes to ones mind is that why has YouTube allowed this channel to propagate its hurtful and inappropriate content?

Even if YouTube keeps on propagating its community guidlines, yet this channel has brought shame to the giant video platform and has received criticism from all corners.

How you can report the abusive content on YouTube? 

YouTube staff review reported videos 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A video can be reported at any time once uploaded to YouTube, and then it is reviewed by YouTube staff. If no violations are found by the review team, no amount of reporting will change that and the video will remain on our site.

1. Sign in to YouTube.
2. Below the player for the video you want to report, click More.
3. In the drop-down menu, choose Report.
Select the reason that best fits the violation in the video.
4. Provide any additional details that may help the review team make their decision, including timestamps or descriptions of the violation.

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