Tablighi Jamaat and its misguidance leads to terrorism: MIA Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s Friday preachers will warn against Tablighi Jamaat group and its misguidance that leads to terrorism, as per the instructions of Ministry of Islamic Affairs announced according to

Minister of Islamic Affairs, Dr. Abdullateef Aal-Sheikh directed the preachers of the mosques in which Friday prayers are held, to dedicate the next Friday sermon that is December 10, to warn against the Tablighi and Dawah group.

Ministry tweeted in Arabic, “His Excellency the Minister of Islamic Affairs, Dr. ⁧‫Abdullateef Al-Sheikh‬⁩, the preachers of mosques in which Friday prayers are held, are instructed to dedicate the next Friday sermon 6/5/1443 AH to warn against (the Tablighi and Da’wah group)”.

The preachers are directed to talk about four major points about the group:

Explanation of the misguidance, deviation and danger of this group, and that it is one of the gates of terrorism, even if they claim otherwise.

Mention their most prominent mistakes.

Mention their danger to society.

A statement that affiliation with partisan groups, including (the Tablighi and Dawah Group) is prohibited in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Tablighi Jamaat is an orthodox missionary movement started in India in 1926 during the British-era. It urges fellow Muslims to follow the religion particularly in matters of ritual, dress, and personal behaviour.

The group is estimated to have between 350 to 400 million adherents worldwide. It claims to strictly avoid political activities and debates, and instead focuses on religion only.

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