From “Yogi Anantnag” to “Mamta Benazir” Muhammad Shafi Continues To Entertain Netizens In Kashmir

High pitched voice, impossible to decipher and with no set agenda in his speeches, PeerZada Muhammad Shafi, a household name in Kashmir pops up every now and then on your mobile screens and hilariously entertains the netizens by his “intertwined” language, a hybrid of Kashmiri, Urdu and sometimes English language.

Muhammad Shafi is less known as a politician in this part of the world because he is the lone politician who was elected by none, selected by none, yet he could be seen flanked by two to three personal security guards, a goverment residence that he was recently thrown out from.

You must be wondering what this man actually does and who he actually is.?

Don’t wait for the answer as no one actually knows that.

This man claims to be the President of Rahul Gandhi Fans association which is neither a political party nor any peoples welfare organisation but in Kashmir they say, “talk nonsense and be the King.”

Known for his disfluencies coupled with cluttering, this man often messes up with the names of popular politicians with “Yogi Anantnag” being the most popular one.

In a very recent video Shafi didn’t even spare Mamta Banerjee, the chief minister of Bengal, while lashing out at a particular political party which he often targets, Shafi in a free flow pronounces her name as “Mumta Benazir.” Too hilarious; isn’t it.?

Shafi’s entry into Kashmir politics comes as a blessing in disguise for the local news portals and Facebook pages that often publish funny videos to entertain people.

Roasters in Kashmir are said to be earning huge chunks of money by using his fumbles and most importantly his unique way of delivering a speech.

Bakus, a kashmiri roaster ran a series of roasting videos for almost a year by using Shafi as his fodder and almost stopped roasting when Shafi fled from the scenes for quite some time.

The above mentioned roasters’ capability of roasting was questioned by his fans by only using Shafi’s videos to showcase his talent.

Whatever the case may be, Peerzada Shafi alias Babbar Sher is loved by one and all in the valley. Innocence is writ on his face. Whatever his intentions may be, his friends say that he is a humble, straightforward man who is always true to his heart.



Any real, semi-real or similar names, places are used purely for satirical purposes. The article contained herein is to be considered satire, parody, surrealism and humor. 


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