Kalaroos Caves In Kashmir Invite A Meme Fest Amid Ongoing Russia-Ukraine War

Umran Hussain

Though it is not a proper time to make fun, but the meme makers in Kashmir found an opportunity and preyed upon the trend as usual and proved to be a good source of humor amid the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine which ensued on 24th February 2022.

The Kalaroos caves in Kashmir’s village by the same name are one of the most mysterious sites in the valley. Located in North Kashmir’s Kupwara district, about 130 km from Srinagar, many believe these caves have secret tunnels that end in Russia.

“What if Putin comes to know about our Kalaroos caves, I fear an invasion by the Russian army.” Wrote Mir Mujtaba on his Facebook wall.

Another meme page shared a picture showing a self made map which showed a direction from Ukraine to Kalaroos and and went on to say that we should be ready as Putin is unpredictable.

“We should take the case to the UN as I am pretty sure that the United Nations has no idea about those caves. It is high time to inform them before it is too late.” Wrote Tariq Zargar.

Suhana Khan tweeted about Kalaroos caves in Kashmir and wrote that, “To everyone who doesn’t know about those caves and to the President of Ukraine, I hereby inform you that we can save Ukraine by directly invading into Russia.”

“Going by a folktale just narrated by my grandfather, he according to him used to visit Russia quite often and Kalaroos caves helped him a great deal.” Wrote the admin of Koshur ladka, a Facebook page.

“Putin will only come to know about our caves if we change their name to ‘black Russia’ we should never take that risk and this possibly is the only reason that our goverment focussed on promoting the mother language in Kashmir.” Wrote master Wahid on his Facebook wall.

It is pertinent to mention that the caves located in the village of Kalaroos in the Kupwara region, are associated with many myths. But everyone is puzzled by the fact that these caves are secret tunnels to Russia. The caves, according to local residents, are a secret route to Russia.

These caves are located between the villages of Lastial and Madhmadu. At the end of the village of Lashtial, there is a stone carved from a mammoth called Satbaran. The stone is engraved with seven doors and people call it Sat Barr (in the local language), which means seven doors.

There are other caves a few meters away from this giant rock. Locals usually visit the crimson Tramhan (copper mine) cave. There are low-grade copper deposits in the cave. Having visited the cave, the locals were surprised to see the peculiar aura of the cave. (

However, the myth busters from Virginia in the USA in November 2018, spent their time sight-seeing and eventually the exploration of the caves, thus helping Kashmir understand its past better. They, however, have insisted the caves may not carry any archaeological worth but do have a lot of geological importance and must be investigated further.

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