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“Signature Hai Ya Porcupine” A Medico’s Signature Is The New Meme In The Town 

Umran Hussain: Everything unusual catches the attention of internet users and then starts the buzz and sometimes trolling to roast the activity till it either gets deleted or the publisher makes fortunes out of it.

One such thing that caught the attention of social media users in Kashmir is ‘signature’ by the Registrar, department of orthopaedics, Gauhati Medical College and Hospital.

Signature that resembled a porcupine with more than 27 feather like lines in upward direction became the talk of the town when the same was shared by a Twitter user with the caption, “have seen lot of signatures. But this is the father of all.”

The picture of the signature along with a stamp of the department over it was soon retweeted and quote tweeted by thousand of Twitter users, hence making it viral.

Soon, the social media giant Facebook was overtaken by this unusual signature and netizens were taken by suprise and the signature received mixed responses on Facebook as well.

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