Badshah Khan: The first professional wrestler from Jammu and Kashmir

Badshah Khan, is officially the first professional wrestler from Jammu and Kashmir. Born in a remote village called Neel in district – Ramban region of Jammu & Kashmir, Badshah belongs to a lower middle class family, where he lives with his family.b

Being the elder son of his family, he had to support his family to overcome financial instability for that he worked as a labour, his journey in the world of wrestling started with the inspiring stories of The Great Khali which his father used to narrate when he was 13 years old.

Those stories about the Hardwork, passion, dedication, struggle and achievements of The Great Khali, ignited the hunger in him to create his own place in the ring as a wrestler.

Today his name figures in Top five wrestlers of India. Badshah is also aiming to take part in the WWE India tryouts which are going to be held in Mumbai.

Badshah Khan is considered as the toughest wrestler of the arena and have also gained a position among the top wrestlers of the country, He has an outstanding record of winning matches almost 85%, His 105 KG weight , 6.2 height and towering personality is enough to subdue his competitors in the ring.

In order to continue winning and maintain his wrestling skills he keeps training everyday. He has a daily routine of 6 hrs workout and 4 hrs of wrestling classes.

“I want to represent India all over the world,  my dream is to fight in WWE and become a world champion” says Badshah Khan.

Body composition of Mr.Badshah Khan
Age – 23 years
Weight:- 105 Kg
Height – 6 feet 2 inches
Chest – 48 Inches
Bicep (arm) – 18 inches

Regarding diet, Badshah khan says that ‘balanced diet is very important for sound health and physique, for that I take non-spicy food, good amount of protein, boiled chicken, eggs, soups, fruits and much more healthy food’.

The happiest moment in the life of Badshah Khan was when Krish Master, a famous wrestler of the world, came as the chief guest in the wrestling event . Krish Master praised him in front of about 80 performers and said that he has been impressed with the king’s fight and the king has that potential and courage of becoming world champion wrestler.

Badshah khan urges the people of his country to promote wrestling, the way they promote other sports and demands cooperation as well.

He also requests the youngsters of the nation not to consume drugs and steroids, they should Say No to such things, as young generation is the future of our country, they should believe in hard training, their ability and should remain focussed.

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