Basharat Ahad Mir becomes the first international ice skater from Kashmir

Basharat Ahad Mir from Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar is First International ice skater of j&k who represented India in Europe (Belarus) and also won ISU trophy (international skating union) trophy.

Basharat currently lives in Parimpora sgr Kashmirs and is studying in School Burn hall Srinagar.

This is what Basharat Ahad has to say about his journey: 

“Creating History at the age of 16 is a very big achievement for me, I started ice skating at the age of 9 in Gulmarg Kashmir, I used to travel from Srinagar to Gulmarg for training and some times I used to travel Gulmarg on my cycle”.

“I used to work at ice skating rink sometimes at 1 am cause at night the temperature decreases from -15 to -20 which sets the ice completely as compared to day”.

“This late night practice was very difficult because of low temperature and in ice skating you have to were a thin tight uniform due to this i suffered head ache, cough, fever etc. I still didn’t lose hope cause I believe one day will come and I will be the best skater. In my skating life I mostly used to practice, travel alone… I had almost no friends at that time cause I was able to give time to them and plus also had to give time to my studies those year were very hard for me”.

“I had no money for my diet due to this i suffered a lot but I think all these things made me stronger it was just a test which made me what I am today”.

I had no proper equipment no coach but I didn’t gave up!
“I think the key is don’t stop and always think that all these struggles are temporarily”


“I personally think that Kashmiri people are made for winter sports cause we have the natural ice skating rink and also world best skiing resort in Gulmarg.”

“I think this is the best gift that God has given us and we must take advantage of it. I think in future Kashmir will also produced Olympians. I feel Kashmir is best for winter sports”.

Why I chose ice skating?

I was a professional cyclist, skier, roller skater and long distance runner but chose Ice sakating because it is very different sport people automatically get attracted to skating because skating is something different and unique
“When ever People used to watch me skating they used to make video’s which motivated me alot ”


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