Ind Vs Pak: Kashmiri Bride’s Viral Picture Explains The Intensity Of Cricket Mania In Kashmir

Umran Hussain

Cricket is considered a religion not just in the Asian sub-continent, but also among people from countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

The much hyped T20 world cup match between India and Pakistan on Sunday brought the world of cricketing fans to a standstill. The ICC T20 World Cup match between India and Pakistan was watched by hundreds of millions around the world, on televisions in remote villages, jumbo screens in crowded cities, phones in migrant labor tenements and flickering monitors in the living rooms of a diaspora spread across the world’s time zones.

A viral picture of a bride from Kashmir watching the match between India and Pakistan stands witness to the craze of cricket Indians and Pakistanis carry especially when it comes to a faceoff between the two Arch rivals.

The bride with Henna clad hands in a bridal attire could not take her eyes off from the phone screen even at a time when she was supposed to concentrate on the most special day her life.

When the two nations, who have fought wars in the past, face each other on the cricket field, competing players can become overnight heroes.

But one poor performance and you could be a villain for your own fans for the rest of your life. Indian pacer Chetan Sharma is a living example as he is still remembered for bowling that fateful last ball in the final of the 1986 Sharjah Cup. Not many care about the rest of his international career.

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