People React As Bride Drives Groom Home In Kashmir

Screen Grab of the video

Umran Hussain

The Kashmir Radar: By following the age old tradition, you may certainly miss some fun in your life. A video that is making waves on social media took everyone by suprise when a Bride was seen driving her husband back home after “Vidaai.”

When it was time for the bride and groom to leave the girls house, the bride apparently got into the driving seat of the car with her husband besides her.

However, the location of the video could not be confirmed, but the “Wanvun” in the background provides the viewers a clue that the video has been recorded somewhere in Kashmir.

Breaking the stereotype, the bride’s gesture was mostly loved by the netizens in Kashmir with some people calling it a brave move by the bride.

“I wish I could do this, it is like a dream, I always dreamt of driving the car to my in-laws on the wedding day with my husband sitting on the passenger seat.” Wrote Falak, a Kashmir based model.

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