Pulwama Gets Its First Snooker Club, Aiming to Engage Youth in “Royal Game”

Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir: In a first for the district, a dedicated snooker club has opened its doors in Pulwama, offering a unique space for the local youth to engage in the “royal game” and hone their skills. The brainchild of young professional Shoaib Khan the club aims to provide a platform for budding snooker enthusiasts and foster a love for the sport in the region.

Khan, a snooker player himself, has long dreamt of establishing such a facility in the district.

“After a thorough market research, I found the passion for snooker among the youth here, but they lacked proper infrastructure and coaching. This club is my way of addressing that gap and providing them with an opportunity to excel in the sport.” Said Shoaib, while talking to The Kashmir Radar.

The club, aptly named “Blitz Club And Cafe,” boasts several state-of-the-art snooker tables, professional equipment, and a comfortable ambience. It offers coaching classes for beginners and intermediate players, with experienced instructors guiding them through the nuances of the game.

To encourage participation among college students, the club extends special discounts on the fees.

“Snooker is more than just a game,” Khan emphasizes. “It teaches discipline, focus, and strategic thinking. I believe it can be a valuable outlet for our youth, helping them develop essential life skills while pursuing their passion.”

The opening of The Club, located opposite old court Pulwama has generated much excitement among the local community. Youngsters are eager to try their hand at the game, while parents see it as a positive alternative to idle hours and unhealthy habits. With its focus on promoting positive engagement and fostering talent, The Club is poised to become a landmark establishment in Pulwama, potentially shaping the sporting landscape of the district for years to come.

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