Violently Sledged By His Opponents, Manzoor’s Patience Made Him The ‘King’ He Is

Shoaib Gani

Manzoor Ahmad Parray, popularly known as ‘Manzoor King’ playing as a batsman for Lawaypora Srinagar, since 8 years, shot to fame after his video went viral on various social media platforms, showcasing the level of patience Manzoor displayed when he was violently sledged by the players of the opponent team.

The video which is now viral on social media is receiving a lol of praise for the resilience and patience which Manzoor is apparently seen displaying in the video. The video has garnered millions of views with some verified Facebook and Twitter accounts sharing it with different captions, advising younger players to learn a lesson from Manzoor.

The video was shot after Manzoor’s team lost the quarterfinal of ‘Arampor Premier League’ in Bani Chakal stadium.

Manzoor, was charged by more than five players, with one of them aiming to him with the bat and others hurling abusive remarks, while he was trying to leave the stadium. Netizens called it violence which may have turned into a disaster, had Manzoor not displayed the calm mind even when one of the opponents came more closer to him and was trying to hit him with his bat.

Though, the opponent team, “Hartrath Strikers” belonging to SinghPora Pattan, used their influence to upload some videos of Manzoor, showing him taking out his shirt out of frustration and according to their narrative, it was Manzoor who initiated the battle of sledging.

Refuting the allegations, Manzoor while talking to ‘The Kashmir Radar’ correspondent said that, the videos uploaded by the opponents are more than four years old, the time when he would actively engage in sledging.

“Those videos are more than four years old and have nothing to do with the match played on previous Sunday, the day when this incident took place. With time, I have changed my stance, I have groomed my body language. Sledging, no doubt is a part of the game, but this incident was shameful, it was a personal attack rather than sledging.” Said Manzoor while talking to The Kashmir Radar.

With 40 half-centurie’s and 5 centuries with a highest of 147, Manzoor has made a mark in the field of cricket and is presently leading his local team as a captain.

“While playing cricket, I always take into consideration the younger generation of our cricketers, who must be watching us play the game. They will definitely pick what their seniors are doing on the field and that is the reason I tried to send out a message that cricket is truly a gentleman’s game.” Said Manzoor.

While condemning this violent sledging, Muzaffar Dar- All India Radio (Sports) correspondent from Kashmir, expressed his concern over growing mischiefs which are frequently taking place while kashmiri cricketers are in action.

“This trend needs to be stopped, I was shell-shocked after I watched the video, I appreciate the level of patience of this gentleman and I am sure this incident will send out a strong message to those who are trying to bring bad name to this beautiful game.” Said Muzaffar Dar, who is presently covering the IPL for all India radio.

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