Ulfat Rafiq: A ‘Veiled Vlogger’ From Baramulla Is Breaking Gender Stereotype With a New Form of Vlogging

Umran Hussain

The Kashmir Radar, April 16: In this age of social media, YouTube and other social media platforms have provided a same platform to every individual either to entertain people or to themselves.

“From ‘No female vlogger’s’ in Jammu and Kashmir to more than fifteen in 2022, the number has grown by leaps and bounds.

Ulfat Rafiq, the pioneer of female vlogging in Kashmir started her experiments of featuring herself on social media a year ago is now the talk of the town and a well reputed social media influencer in Kashmir with more than 35 thousand Subscribers on YouTube and 12 thousand followers on Instagram.

A civil engineering student hailing from a small village in Baramulla, Ulfat started her career as a content creator by making educational videos which soon inspired her to switch to the unique concept of “vlogging by a female.”

“I knew I could do it, initially I faced a myriad of hurdles, but time paved a way for me and I started rejecting the stereotype and freed myself from it, because it was preventing me from doing what I actually wanted to do.” Said Ulfat Rafiq while talking to The Kashmir Radar.

Ulfat is popularly known as the “masked vlogger,” as never has she taken her mask off while sharing her vlogs on social media.

“While vlogging I want to uphold the religious dignity as well, I have never revealed my face to my subscribers even after receiving hundreds of requests to do so.” Said Ulfat.

Regarding criticism by netizens, Ulfat believes that if one is only praised for his or her work that is an obvious indication of bad work done by you. “Criticism is something that helps you in mending your mistakes and in the long run criticism proves to be a great teacher.” Said Ulfat.

In Kashmir hundreds of vlogger’s are trying their luck, with most of them vanishing in thin air soon after they start their adventure. The most common reason seen in all those vlogger’s is lack of credible content, the language and dedication.

Ulfat is trying to maintain a proper synchronization between all the qualities a good vlogger should posses.

“You need to research on the content of your upcoming vlog, the language you use and the messages you pass. The amalgamation of all those qualities makes your vlog a success and as per my experience, a little room remains for the critics to put you down when you upload your content after polishing it with above mentioned qualities.” Said Ulfat.

With a little support from the family initially, Ulfat worked harder to prove her point to the family and soon she featured in various local and national newspapers and talk shows and received various awards and honours as well for her work. The achievement which finally changed the perspective of her family and according to Ulfat, she now receives the full family support.

“Vlogging is not a prerogative of boys only, females too have an urge to explore the nature, females too want to engage with the audience, we too want to serve as an inspiration for the younger generation by creating reliable and credible content. Why should boys have all the fun.” Said Ulfat while concluding her interview with our online editor, Umran Hussain.


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