Ahad Ahmed, A Bicycle Repairman’s Son Makes His Father Proud After Becoming A Judge

For years, Ahad Ahmed of Sangam city in Prayagraj crafted a living repairing bicycles and stitching women’s clothes, under his father’s shadow and his mother’s guiding hand. Today, he is known not just as a puncture repairman’s son but as a judicial magistrate.

As the famous poet Dushyant Kumar penned, “Who says there can’t be a hole in the sky? Just throw a stone with all your heart.” Ahad did just that, proving once again that ambition and perseverance can break through any societal ceilings.

Ahad, a resident of Barai Harakh, a small village about a kilometre away from Prayagraj city, was recently named as a judicial magistrate in Uttar Pradesh. This monumental achievement came in his very first attempt – sans coaching, relying purely on his own efforts.

His journey has been far from a traditional one. Just a few years ago, he was helping his father, Shahzad Ahmed, repair bicycles at their small shop, which also sold toffees and chips for children. In the backdrop of his father’s hard work, Ahad’s mother, Afsana, instilled in him the importance of education – an idea that took root after watching the movie ‘Ghar Dwar.’

Ahad’s story resonates with many from all walks of life. Uplifting waves of happiness are sweeping through Prayagraj, as his neighbours celebrate his success by congratulating him and his family.

Ahad’s success has even become an inspiration for others as it proves that with determination and courage, one can overcome even the most challenging circumstances to reach their goals.


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