All The Three Mosques In The Vicinity Had ‘Locked’ Washrooms And Babar died A Tragic Death

On 29th June, 19 year old Babar was engaged in distribution of Qurbani Mutton and while doing so, he urgently needed to answer the nature’s call for which he immediately rushed into the premises of a nearby mosque, but the doors of the washrooms were locked and he had to come back to find an alternative.

Babar, accompanied by his elder brother, visited three more mosques and to his suprise, he found all of them locked and couldn’t relieve himself.

Finally, Babar opened a gate which led him to a place which he thought was private enough to answer the nature’s call, but little did he know that he opened the gates of a death trap.

When Babar tried to wash his hands in the water body inside the premises he just entered, he lost his balance and drowned in
an infamous  water body, Mukhtepukhri, located in Vicharnag, Nowshera, Srinagar.

Babar himself may have donated money for the construction of mosques in his own locality and the mosques in other areas of Kashmir, as people in Kashmir are known for their generosity when it comes to crowdfunding regarding the construction of mosques, but Babar was too unlucky to find an open washroom in a mosque which ultimately could have saved his precious life.

Soon after this unfortunate incident occured, people raised questions about the ‘locked washrooms in mosques’.


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