Asked To Mend His Spiky Hairstyle, Student Threatens Teacher On Facebook

Umran Hussain

During our school days the most common thing our parents said to a teacher was: scold him and beat him but don’t let him spoil and as a result of that request from our parents, teachers would really beat and scold us and obviously for our own good.

An incident enough to tarnish the teacher-student relationship came to limelight when a Facebook post allegedly uploaded by a student threatening his teacher went viral on social media.

Apni acting apney pas rakho sir, class mein control mein raho, don’t ask anyone to cut hair, class mein disrespect mat karo girls Kay sammey.” Were the words used by the student in his post and The post was hashtagged with #Lastwarning.

The post was uploaded from a fake account on Facebook, as the student challenged the teacher to find him if he (the teacher) is a legend.

Despite repeated attempts to dig out the complete details of the incident, our team couldn’t contact the student in question, as the user is operating a fake Facebook account and didn’t respond to our messages.

The Facebook post which was later deleted by the student, went viral as the screenshot had already been captured by the conscious social media users and was shared on various social media platforms with people holding parents responsible for such immoral activities of our younger generation.

“Warning a teacher is the last thing we had to see in a world which struggles with moral values. We have seen nothing of this kind in Kashmir. When I came to know about this post, my vision blurred for a moment.” said Mushtaq Ahsan, an assistant professor.

“Why should a teacher allow a student with multicoloured hair and a spiky hairstyle to enter into the class. A school is defined by its uniformity and simplicity. You Cant expect a school to be a fashion hub. Such student doesn’t deserve a place in the classroom.” Said Rehmatullah, a religious scholar.

The student in question apparently was asked to mend his hairstyle by the teacher and may have felt humiliated infront of the opposite gender in the class as he mentions in the later part of his post, “class mein disrespect mat karo girls kay samney.”

Teachers are an extremely important facet of any society for a number of reasons and their role in society is both significant and valuable. Teachers play an extraordinary part in the lives of children for the formative years of their development and the importance of teachers is something that cannot be understated. They involve themselves in moulding their students into responsible citizens of their country.

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