Famous ‘Cat Lover’ Who Once Won Millions of Hearts Is Behind Bars For Stabbing Her Husband

Umran Hussain

Asifa Bashir, a self proclaimed Facebook journalist once made headlines for being an animal lover when her pet cat allegedly died in a pet store.

Asifa was seen crying inconsolably in a video uploaded on her Facebook page, blaming the pet store for negligence and blamed the owner of the pet store for the death of her cat which according to her was infected in the store.

The video was watched by more than a million Facebook users with people sympathizing with Asifa for her loss.

This afternoon, Asifa again made headlines after stabbing her fiance in Srinagar.

“One person Adil Ahmad Kaloo of Bemina Srinagar was stabbed by knife by his fiancée Asifa Bashir of Parimpora in broad daylight in Chattabal. The injured is stable. The lady was engaged to victim & nikaah had also taken place.FIR No 57/2023 in Safakadal PS. Accused lady arrested.” Tweeted Srinagar police.

Family members of Adil while talking to media, demanded justice and said that it was a pre-planned act, as Asifa was carrying the knife with her.

“We have gifted her golden ornaments worth 20 lakhs, their engagement has taken place some 11 months ago and Nikah was also performed. We fail to understand what led her to take this extreme step. She should be brought to justice.” Said mother of Adil.

Adil was stabbed in the abdomen and according to eye witnesses, Asifa herself accompanied her of the hospital.

Asifa is the owner of a Facebook page where she pretends to be journalist and has a decent fan following which fetches her a good viewership on her videos.

After the news of her mischief went viral, several videos are now being shared by social media users with one among them the most talked about, in which Asifa is seen holding a gun.

“She has been empowering herself by learning self defence techniques since very long time.” Wrote one Facebook user in the comment section of the video in which Asifa is seen holding a gun.

“From Mike to Knife, Asifa has done it all. She has brought such a bad name to journalism.” Wrote another Facebook user.

Asifa is also the recipient of National Womens Excellence Award.

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