Fulfilling Poor Fathers Dream, Zahid From Pulwama Memorized Quran In Record Time

Picture by The Kashmir Radar

Umran Hussain

Zahid Shabir Ganaie, a 16 year old boy from Pulwama’s Payir village despite all obstacles and difficult financial crisis lived up to the expectations of his father and memorized The Holy Quran in a record time.

Zahid’s father, a Carpenter by profession always dreamed of making his lone son a Hafiz-e-Quran and got him admitted in Madrasat-Ul-Islam, a Darul- Uloom located in Tahab village of Pulwama district.

“He is a brilliant boy, I saw him doing well in studies and my conscience knocked me to take a diffrent route. I can say it was a divine calling, I talked to him about it and thankfully he too agreed and started his course in a Darul- Uloom.” Said Shabir Ahmad, Zahid’s father.

“I too wanted to excel in worldly knowledge, I had that spark to excel in that field, but I saw a kind of desperation in my fathers eyes about my future and initially I found it a little difficult to move away from what my friends were upto in the school, but then I found myself at ease and I did it.” Said Zahid Ahmad.

Known as a brilliant student among his batch mates in the Darul-Uloom, Zahid is known for “time management” as despite COVID restrictions that closed all the institutions in the valley, Zahid, as his teachers narrate, “fully utilized the time, even when he was away from the institution.”

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