Ganderbal: Teacher Mercilessly Beats a Kid For Not Wearing Khandress In a Darasgah

Umran Hussain

Shahid Chichi a twelve year old Madrassa student from Kangan Wudder in Ganderbal, like any other student in his locality went to a Darasgah (School where Islamic knowledge is imparted) to receive the Islamic education and to learn how to read the Holy Book, but fate had something else in store for this poor boy.

As per the reports of various local media channels, Shahid upon reached the Darsgah was stopped by the teacher and asked him the reason for not wearing a Khandress which as per his father was not within his affordable reach.

The teacher, as per Shahid then started ruthlessly beating him and broke his left eye, visibility and profusely bleeding.

“I sent him to learn Darasgah to learn how to read Quraan, but this is what I got in return. I actually couldn’t afford a Khandres and sent him in a casual dress and I expected the Moulana to understand the reason behind.” Said his father while talking to media.

Meanwhile, netizens are demanding strict action against the teacher and want police to book him as soon as possible for being reckless and ruthless.

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