Instead Of Lehanga, Bride Wears Burqa On Her Wedding. People React

Umran Hussain

K- Internet has discovered its own way of appreciating videos and blogs that pop up on their social media handles. A bride riding a thar while heading towards her inlaws on her wedding day received national appreciation for being a unique and a brave stunt but social media users used their own way of calling out the bride and described it as a show off.

A groom who was welcomed by reciting a “Naat” by his in-laws found a comfortable place on the K-internet. People loved it and made it viral and appreciated the unique style of welcoming a groom.

A bride who herself sang on her wedding day was heavily trolled because her unusual stunt didn’t go down well and she was again called out by the K-internet.

Social media users in Kashmir are considered as the most mercurial internet army in whole of India, because you never know what type of content is going to win their hearts and what type is going to hurt them.

Going by the above theory, the content creators in Kashmir keep on changing their genre day in and day out. Vlogger’s are have started roasting and roasters have started making religious videos.

This week our team found a video making rounds on social media, featuring a bride wearing a burka. The video was shared more than five thousand times from one Facebook handle and while we peeped into the comment section, we again found an imbalance of thoughts among the Facebook users.

Most of the users had loved it for obvious reasons, but some yet found a tinge of “show off” in the video and some even pointed towards the coloured fairy lights which were used to decorate the house that apparently belonged to the bride.

“If the marriage had to be simple, what was the use of using those coloured lights.” Wrote one Facebook user in the comment section.

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