Govt. School Teacher Wins Hearts By Cleaning a Kids Bottom In School

Umran Hussain

Known for his dedication and enthusiasm for teaching among his colleagues and acquaintances, Mr. Muneeb JalalĀ  of education zone Sumbal, district Bandipora of Jammu and Kashmir recently received praise for cleaning a students bottom after the kid had apparently been to the toilet.

In order to improve the quality of education imparted by goverment school teachers, hundreds of videos are uploaded by them on social media in order to build the trust among parents who hesitate in sending their wards to goverment schools.

From teaching by using play way methods to imparting quality education to higher classes, goverment teachers leave no stone unturned to repair the damage that has been done to education sector in past few decades.

Video of Muneeb Jalal is making rounds on social media, with people praising his kindness and dedication.

Goverment schools in Jammu and Kashmir have been receiving lots of criticism from general public for their dismal performance and poor results. Taking cognizance of the issue, the Jammu and Kashmir goverment tightened the noose by first clubbing various underperforming schools and then the rest was settled through the process of rationalization.

Going private schools way, the goverment teachers too have now started uploading videos of their classrooms showcasing their abilities by utilizing various teaching learning methods.

Muneeb Jalal’s video is one such effort and a direct message to the general public that there has been a lot of improvement in overall scenario of goverment schools.

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