‘I Saw Myself Burning In A Grave’, Actress Sana Khan Reveals the Dream That Led Her Leave Showbiz

Sana Khan, who left showbiz at the peak of her career, has said that a dream led her to take the most important decision of her life – to leave the glamour world. She made the revelations during her Hajj pilgrimage, from which she returned home recently.

Despite having everything, she has said in a video that she was unhappy. “In my past life, of course, I had everything, I had fame, name, money,” she said. “I could do anything and everything I wanted. But one thing that was missing was ‘peace in my heart’.” The unhappiness had pushed her into a sort of depression. It was then that she saw a dream.

“In Ramadan 2019, I used to see a burning grave in my dreams,” she said in an interview with Muttawiffy Hujjaj South Asia, a video that has Arabic subtitles. “I used to see myself in that burning and blazing grave.”

For the inexperienced, it was October 2020, when the 33-year-old celebrity left the world of glam and luxury to pursue the path of her creator. Then after a month, she made headlines with the news of her secret marriage to Mufti Anas Sayaid. Since then, Sana Khan has enjoyed ‘happily ever after’ with Anas and his social media handles prove the facts.

“I was like, there’s everything but why am I not happy? It was very difficult and there were days of depression. There were days of God’s message where I could see through the signs. In the month of Ramadan 2019, I often saw burning graves in my dreams. And I used to see myself in that burning, blazing grave.”

Sana Khan also talked about why she chose to wear the hijab and never took it off again. “You don’t want your last day to be your first day wearing the hijab,” said Sana.

Sana, who returned after performing Hajj, shared her joy in fulfilling a long-awaited dream. “Finally Home. What an experience I can’t put into words to describe how I felt while doing my first Hajj I always dreamed of it but never knew it would happen so soon… Back to learning a lot n In Sha Allah hope to be better than what I am or what am I. He concluded, “Already looking forward to returning for the next Hajj,” he wrote on Instagram.


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