In Yet Another Attack On Kashmiri Wazwaan, A Grenade Finds Its Place In The Menu

Umran Hussain

Kashmiri Wazwaan – A popular cuisine exclusively prepared in Kashmir finds itself surrounded with controversies day in and day out, though not for being unique but for the dilution it has seen in the past few years.

The preparation of wazwaan is considered an art and a point of pride in Kashmiri culture and identity. Almost all the dishes are meat-based using lamb or chicken with few vegetarian dishes, but people in the recent past have started diluting its essence by introducing new and unnecessary items in this multi-course meal.

Meat balls stuffed with Rs. 500 notes, an increase in the number of items served and the latest – a grenade shaped meat ball which is now all over the internet with people making memes and jokes out of it.

This grenade shaped meat ball shared by an unknown person on the internet has sent netizens into a tizzy, as people particularly residing in rural areas have always spoken in one voice against those lavish and costly innovations in Wazwaan.

“Why should someone turn a simple meat ball into a grenade, what messages are you trying to send to the poor by always making a mess out of our culture.” Wrote Munazza, a social media user.

“Wazwaan is not only know for its being delicious and unique, but for its simplicity that has come to us through generations. This picture is an eye opener for all those who profess and work for the preservation of kashmiri culture of which Wazwaan is such an important part.” Wrote Tawseef Najar, another social media user.

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