Instead Of Letting His Bride Drive A Thar, This Groom Recites A N’aat For Her

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Umran Hussain

Marriage ceremonies in Kashmir always find their place in news headlines for one reason or the other. Be it driving a Thar by a bride, welcoming the groom by reciting a Naat; not Bollywood songs, the extravagant and lavish wedding ceremonies, meat balls stuffed with money or a simple marriage ceremony that costs nothing but a simple cup of Kehwa.

A recent news of a bride driving her husband back home is yet to go off the timelines of you social media networking sites, internet stands overrun by yet another video of a groom reciting a beautiful Naat during his Nikkah ceremony.

A society where westernization doesn’t go down well, keeps on hunting such videos to set an example for our younger generations that, “we live in a place where more than 35 percent women are unable to find a match for them, reason being the money, their poor parents are supposed to spend on things quite unnecessary in a marriage.”

Drones flying, multicolored lights illuminating the Mohalla, cinematographers shooting the marriage function, bank notes hanging from the beatiful decorations of the costly Pandaal, multi cuisine wazwaan with most of it filling the streams flowing nearby and then costly SUV’s ferrying the bride and the groom. Unfortunately in all this show off we forget one very important thing- An aged unmarried daughter and her poor father in the neighbourhood peeping through the window of his house with rain water trickling down and falling on the unfortunate father of the poor daughter.

You have money, spend it wisely, you own an SUV, don’t boost the accelerator to a level that makes your poor neighbour more deaf, you can afford a lavish marriages ceremony, but don’t play a song that kills the remaining hopes of the poor daughter in your neighbourhood. Rest your feet on the earth and stay calm because we are here to help others, and we are here to live for others.

Let’s get off those emotions and let’s talk about those rich men who despite being extra rich prefer a simple marriage ceremony. It is not that they don’t want to make it look the way people want them to, but it is because they are the true humans.

Research suggests, the rich who don’t spend too much money on unnecessary things like marriage functions have never taken a loan from a bank, they too have too much money but that is hard – earned. Earned after sacrificing their beloved sleep and after resisting the scorching sunny days and chilling winter season in Kashmir. They have every season to hold it back and spend it judiciously.

The huge chunks of loan that bank offers you, gives you no reason to spend it in a judicious way. This is not a taunt, but a bitter truth.

A video that is making rounds on social media platforms in which a groom in his sweet voice recites a Naat and the people accompanying him to his inlaws are not seen preying upon the meat and collecting bank notes out of the meat balls from the Wazwaan. Quite soothing a site, warms everyones heart.

Such videos doesn’t give sleepless nights to our poor unmarried sisters and their desperate fathers. They find a motivation in such videos, they start planning a marriage with a hope to confine it to a simple and cost-effective wedding ceremony.

Opinions matter a lot and specially in cases where one can only provide an opinion.
Our Editor of this news talked to a businessman whose owns several business units in IGC Lassipora, with a turnover of crores per anum. A truly humble personality with no bank loans, talks softly about the recently concluded marriage of his son.

This man can roam around in SUV’s all the time he ventures out of his house, but he owns a Maruti Alto-800 with a broken side mirror on the left side. We boarded the car with him and he started narrating a tale that he never wanted to share, we could finally motivate him and make him understand that your story may prove an eyeopener for other rich who instead of lending a helping hand to the needy, prove to be a nightmare for them by spending huge amounts on money on marriage functions.

The story he narrated was not too long. He concluded it in just two lines, “I got my son married to an orphan girl who had no one to look after.”

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